Getting Started

Hi 👋 Welcome to the docs for how to use the Google Sheets Sync Figma Plugin.

'Google Sheets Sync' can take the content from your Google Sheets file and pull it into your Figma file; populating content and manipulating your design for you — saving yourself a huge amount of time.

What can this plugin do?

  • Change the content in your Text layers

  • Download and set image backgrounds from URLs

  • Swap out Components for specific instances (including Variants)

  • Change colours of your layers

  • Plus lots more...

Buckle up and grab a coffee ☕️ Get excited, because understanding how to use this Plugin properly could save you hours of time fiddling around in Figma copy/pasting content!!

One small favour...

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Overall Concept

Using 'Google Sheets Sync' boils down to 3 key concepts.

  1. Setting up your Sheet structure – so the content in Google Sheets is organised in a specific way

  2. Naming your Figma layers – they need to be named in a specific way (so it know what content goes where)

  3. Running the plugin – and using a 'sharable Google Sheets link' to populate the content

Right now Google Sheets Sync only supports pulling in data if you can create a 'Shareable link' to your Sheets file that is set to "Anyone with the link can view".

Some organisations may have restricted options so that you can't set the link option to be 'public' — in which case you won't be able to use this Plugin right now. (I'm hoping to create an option for these restricted organsiations in the future)

TL;DR – (Too long, didn't read)

The quick overview without needing to read through all the docs.

  • STEP 1: Make sure your Google Sheets file has a shareable link – click ‘Share > Get shareable link’

  • STEP 2: Name your figma layers appropriately

    • Add a ‘#’ followed by the name of the value you want to sync

    • For example: to get the value ‘Title’ – name your text layer ‘#Title’

    • (Note: it is not case sensitive, and will ignore ‘spaces’)

  • STEP 3: Run this plugin, paste your shareable link, and click ‘Fetch & Sync’

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