Running the plugin

When you first run the plugin you'll see a prompt like this:

The first thing to do is to get your Shareable Google Sheets Link. This is required for the plugin to be able to read the Data from your spreadsheet.

Don't worry, as long as you don't share this link with anyone else — nobody will be able see the information.

To grab this:

  1. Click 'Share' in the top right of Google Sheets

  2. Click 'Change to anone with the link'

  3. Now click 'Copy link'

Right now Google Sheets Sync only supports pulling in data if you can create a 'Shareable link' to your Sheets file that is set to "Anyone with the link can view".

Some organisations may have restricted options so that you can't set the link option to be 'public' — in which case you won't be able to use this Plugin right now. (I'm hoping to create an option for these restricted organsiations in the future)

Run the Plugin

Once you've pasted in your link, you're ready to fetch the Sheet data and sync it with your Figma layers.

Under the input field to place the link there's 3 possible options for which layers you want to update:

  1. Update entire document – which parse every layer on every page of your Figma file to update the layers where needed

  2. Update current page only – which will only update the layers on the current page

  3. Update current selection only – which will update the layers selected (and all their children layers). Note: this option will only show if you have layers selected

Now click "Fetch & sync"

The plugin will show an animation whilst it fetches and processing the data, then it will close once finished.


After you've Synced data from Google Sheets, new buttons will show on the right Inspector Panel in Figma when you have no layers selected.

Open Google Sheets Sync – is a quick launch button to re-open the plugin

Re-Sync Google Sheets Data – will automatically open and start 'fetching & syncing' from the Google Sheets Link you last used

Fetch — Easier layer renaming

After pasting in your Shareable Sheets Link, click "Fetch" rather than "Fetch & Sync"

After fetching the data, rather that Syncing the content with the Figma layers; it will first present the information from the Spreadsheet in the Plugin window.

This makes it easier to verify everything looks right, and the plugin has successfully pulled out you 'Labels' as the Column/Row titles.

You can toggle between the different Worksheets across the bottom.

Using this table also makes re-naming your layers a lot easier. If you click on one of the value Labels, it will rename all currently selected layers to correctly pull information e.g #Title

You can also click on the Worksheet name at the top, one of the Index numbers, or even an individual cell. All of these will help making renaming faster.

Once you're done viewing the Spreadhseet data and re-naming your layers... click "Sync" in the top-right. And the plugin will sync the data for you.

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